Unverferth Manufacturing Co., announces the purchase of Force Unlimited, Oelwein, IA, an innovative manufacturer of the Pro-Force pull-type and truck mounted spreaders.  

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Floater Chassis

​Split Application Can be an Important
Component of the 4R's of Nutrients

Our Pro-Force is The Best Spreader
When Implementing
​The 4Rs of Nutrients

​~Right Source ~Right Rate
~Right Place ​~Right Time

  • Enhance nutrient efficiency
  • Promote optimum yields
  • Minimize the loss of nutrients
  • Unsurpassed spinner assembly in power, quality & width
  • Most aggressive 30" spinner on the market
  • Optional air or hydraulic swinging endgate
  • Spread lime, fertilizer & cover crops wider, faster and more consistently than competative spreaders.

The Pro-Force is designed
with the proper combination 
of side slope & conveyor width, for
low center of gravity & fast unloading.
​FL 3430 304 Stainless Steel Box​​​​​​
304 Stainless Steel Fenders for an overall width of 132"
Available in 13', 14', 16', 18', and 20'

-102" Wide Flared Body, 34" Wide Conveyor Frame
-Two 30" Spinner Assemblies.  Extra Heavy Duty Spinner Motors &
          Hub Adapters with "Lifetime" Shaft Seal
-Vee Cleat Belt-Over-Chain, H.D. Pintle Chain, (Belt isn't Oil Resistant)
-Largest Heavy Duty Spur Gear Conveyor Drive in the Industry
-Rubber Mounting

Pro-Force 304 Stainless Steel Spreader includes:

Available Options for the FL3430
-Side Extensions Stainless 12" Tall
-Side Extension for Duo-Force Divider
-Side Extension for Tri-Force
-Side Extension for Quad Force Divider

-Tarp, Manual 13'  12" Stainless End Caps
-Tarp, Electric 13'  12" Stainless End Caps

-Duo-Force 2nd Compartment Stainless Steel Insert

-Tri-Force 3rd Compartment Stainless Steel Bin

-Quad Force 4th Compartment Stainless Steel Divider

*The Inverted Vee is required when material is
dropped in large amounts at once into the spreader
(when loading with an end loader).

-Wide Mudflaps, Front & Rear
-Rear Lights, Amber Flashing, and Brake with Harnesses

-Inverted Vee *
-Inverted Vee (18' and longer)

-Oil Cooler
-Bin Level Sensor
-2nd Heavy Duty Gearbox Assembly
-Hyd. Unloader Valve (used with pumps that can't shut off)
-Hyd. Gear Pump 
-Hyd. Tank Shutoff Valve
-Flow Control Valve Assy.
-#2 Conveyor Chain, No Belt-Over-Chain - ILOS

-SS Framed Window in the Front Endgate 

-Spread Pattern Test Kit

-Scale System with Monitor 
-Scale System ISO Compatible with 2630 No Monitor
-Scale System - Raven 

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1504 S. Frederick Ave. ​
Oelwein, IA 50662
Tel.: 800-632-5986
Tel.: 319-283-4863
Fax: 319-283-3086
Email: info@forceunltd.com