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Fast & Consistent
Spread lime, fertilizer & cover crops wider, faster and more consistently
Split Application
Split application can be an important component of the 4R's of Nutrients.  Dividing total nitrogren application into two or more treatments can help enhance nutrient efficiency, promote optimum yields & minimize the loss of nutrients.
Independent Feed
Spread 1 , 2 , 3 , or 4 products with independent variable rate control in one pass.  Sidedress Nitrogen and spread cover crops, all at the same time using our multi-bin spreaders.
Highlights of Force Equipment
Highlights of Spreader
  1. In-Cab Electronic Controller
    In-Cab Electronic Controller
    The in-cab electronic controller for the spinner speed with feedback allows you to manage the speed for each bin. Our spreaders work with all major controllers: Micro-Trak, Trimble, Dickey-john, Raven, Falcon, John Deere, Falcon II, Viper II and Viper Pro.
  2. Adjustable Spinner Assembly
    Adjustable Spinner Assembly
    The adjustable spinner assembly is operator friendly with predefined settings that take the guess work out of spreading lime and fertilizer. Our adjustment arm on the spinner assembly eliminates the possibility of costly repairs due to jack or electric actuator freeze up.
  3. Rate & Speed
    Rate & Speed
    All rate & speed sensors are built into components for added reliability.
  4. Spinner Drive
    Spinner Drive
    The spinner drive features a jack shaft assembly that eliminates the troublesome maintenance of a hub style spinner.
  5. Fixed Material Divider
    Fixed Material Divider
    The fixed material divider and adjustable spinner assembly spread material as far, as wide and as consistently as any known spreader on the market. Full width deflector shields are standard on all our units.
  6. Largest Drive Gearbox
    Largest Drive Gearbox
    Our spreaders and conveyors feature the largest drive gearbox in the industry. The gearbox seal rides on a stainless steel sleeve.

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